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One of the most unique and absolutely best 5 TON Grip Electric Combo trucks anywhere.

This Galpin Marathon Studio configured Ford F650SD is like none other. Maximized for unparalleled speed and efficiency, it is a magic box of tricks ready to save the day. 

Everything is on carts and wheels for fast offload, full jockeys, amazing interior and exterior lighting, Massive LiFePo4 battery array for hours of silent 20A "in box" electrical service, built in shore power and solar array, premium audio and amazing crew amenities that are famous, yet shall not be named, make this truck more of an experience than a vehicle. The fit and finish are absolute top shelf.  

This is not a dirty unorganized rental house truck but a streamlined owner op experience that shows extreme levels of pride and forethought. 

Seaworthy and stout, reliable and very tasty.

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