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My daughter asked why my company logo was apparently a pirates flag.

So I explained to her: We are the equivalent of pirates in the film world.

Just like pirates we have a ship, only ours has wheels.

Just like a pirate ship, It is manned by a hearty collection of salty riff-raff who are not fit for normal careers, whose ethos is one of a collective, where every individual counts, but is only effective when working together as a team under the direction of a Key or "Captain".

Our Ship contains many cannon like objects that we aim at people and shoot light out of, which we call "guns".

Just like pirates, we work with ropes and large sewn cloths that we also call sails, or "rags".

Just like pirates we fly our black flags high, to modify the sun or our lights.

Just like pirates we jump out of our ship wielding long metal objects (stands) that can cause great bodily injury.

Just like Pirates, we show up unexpectedly to various towns and other ports of call, and proceed to take complete control, flying our rags, and blasting our lights, swinging our stands, cursing up a storm and generally wreaking beautiful (or frightening, depending on the scene) havoc, all in the pursuit of loot and gold (or Swag and a paycheck, same basic things).

We then take said loot and proceed to pile back on the ship (truck) and commence with revelry and libations (various forms of grog), and sail off to other waters where we do it all over again.

To me, the concept of a pirate ship is the perfect analogy to what a grip and electric team, and film crews in general, are and do. We are the modern age buccaneers. True masters of our own destiny, sailing the high scenes of filmic conquest.

Some of us are however, more legitimate than others, hence the name "Privateer" for my company.

But at heart, we are all able bodied, restless seamen, unfit for normal lives, bent on kindly and good natured pillage and plunder.

At heart, we are all truly pirates.

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